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About us or how has everything started?

I also belonged to children who love animals and their only wish was to have some at home. Of course, the dog was the best. As a small child, I had been reading magazines about them and my only wish, no matter if on birhday occassion or at Xmas, was: "I want a dog..." At that time, we however lived in a flat in the centre of Prague and therefore probably I was the only family member that had this wish. L

Only coincidence with the reality, that we were going to move into a family house, enabled me to have my first dog when I was 12 years old, it was a female. Just by coincidence, it was a female of Boxer, dark brindle colour without a pedigree. But I did not mind that she did not have a pedigree, I did not long for breeding or any dog shows. The only what I wanted was to have a dog friend, and that was absolutely fulfilled for further 12 years with my Sandy. It was a female full of optimism, energy  and vitality, as it is usually with the right Boxer.

When our Boxer was 4 years old, another dog came to our household, it was German Shephard – Delf Petruška CS at the age of 4 months – first we thought that he would be with us only for some time than better owners were found. As his previous ones only held him by his booth, absolutly missed his socialization and in the end they were afraid of him. After a short time, we knew he would stay with us for ever. Unfortunately his 4 months of his life remarked him so much that he stayed agressive, especially to men and to male dogs. That is why he was not used for breeding and live with us for 12 years.

When my first dog - Boxer died in spring 1998, it was a big sorrow and I thought that I would never buy another dog. That lasted of course only about two months and I started thinking which one should be the next... Again a concidence played its role - I read an article about quite unknown breed that fully met my expectations - it was a dog very well equipped for living outside, with very good protection abilities and he might be a good friend to my old German Shephard...then I saw an add offering puppies of Caucasian Ovcharkas that should have been born in June 1998. So I called there, informed about the breed more and it was decided, a puppy from the famous kennel Lištička booked. At that time, I absolutely had no idea how big luck I had for a good breeder that became later on my best friend.

In August 1998 actually starts a new episode of my life with a fascinating breed of Caucasian Ovcharka, with whom a person gets to know what is endlessness. He was  Kvint Lištička (see photo of him in logo), that became my very first Caucasian, I will never ever forget about him. Fistly, I purchased him as a friend as I did not have any idea about shows but in the end he became Chamion of the Czech Republic and also the Winner of Middle and East Europe. Besides these titles, he was a very successful dog of his time, he participated in 23 shows, where he was always excellent with ranking. He even was the only Czech dog that gained excellent from a Russian judge in our Club Show KRaAOP in 2001. More important than all his show success was his great character. He had always been thinking what he will do and that is why he managed to beat his enemy quietly and quickly – he changed fast from a slow nice teddy bear to a beast of prey, that explained to his enemy who is the master. Moreover, he was a great teacher to my second Caucasian that I bought in 2001 in the spring from the same kennel, it was Matiss Lištička .

Matiss Lištička is not a lover of dog shows, everybody is his enemy there, but he managed within two show periods to gain many titles, among the most prestigous belong  BIS of the Club Show KRaAOP in 2004, Czech championship and Club championship of KRaAOP. I do not participate with him in shows any more but I am sure you can soon meet him in some of our club activities.

Matiss always respected Kvint and he was his master by his last days. Very sadly, our Kvint Lištička left us unexpectedly at the age of his 8 years, on 17.07.2006.

Matiss, who at his 4,5 years old, has never been alone, was very unhappy from the loss of his best friend. And I, that formerly wanted to wait with a new Caucasian, am have been very happy for the offer from my friend Eva Červená, to have a male from the litter „U“ after Belinda Medvědí Lady and her new Russian import – Evdokim iz Russkoj Provincii.

So my last Caucasian is now Unikát Lištička , that is now educated by Matiss Lištička, he is a bit tender with him and lets him do dirty tricks  J And I secretly hope that he will also be successful in shows J as his foregoers. He was born on 27.06.2006 and so far successfully participated in two dog shows in puppy class, in 2007  Junior class is waiting for him…so cross your fingers. Shows have become my big hobby  thanks to Kvint.

If you would like to ask us any questions, please write to my e-mail:

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